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Helping The Heroes

Marple Township is served by many different government organizations designed to promote public safety and welfare. Between the police, firefighters, and the ambulance corp, there are hundreds of people that put their lives and limbs on the line every day to make sure Broomall, PA, is the perfect place to work, live, and raise a family. Marple Township Hero Scholarship Fund offers peace of mind for those that work on our behalf, looking after them if they are disabled and their families if they pass on during the course of their duties.

About Marple Township

We are a small community of around 23,400 people. Located on the Southeastern edge of the state, we are the epitome of small town America. Our community has been home to many notable people, including wrestlers, politicians, and journalist.

Support for Spouses, Partners, and Children

If an unfortunate event were to occur to a member of the Marple Township civil service, we step in to make sure that the family is looked after. We serve each other, guaranteeing that our community stays strong and connected – regardless of the circumstances.

Education for Youth

We are dedicated to helping children of fallen or disabled civil servants obtain the highest quality education possible. Our charitable organization sponsors scholarships designed to help them with the cost of tuition. 

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